PDB Data Distribution by Molecular Weight (Structure)

All macromolecules, small molecules, and ions are included, except for water molecules. Molecular weight is calculated for all atoms, including those not observed in the experiment. Molecular weight of all non-water atoms in the asymmetric unit.

Molecular Weight (Daltons)Number of Entries
0 - 20K25393
20K - 40K32944
40K - 60K23730
60K - 80K14439
80K - 100K9957
100K - 120K7151
120K - 140K4529
140K - 160K3272
160K - 180K2725
180K - 200K1991
200K - 220K1472
220K - 240K1279
240K - 260K882
260K - 280K672
280K - 300K533
300K - 320K442
320K - 340K392
340K - 360K397
360K - 380K303
> 380K4091